Company Type: Fintech


About: Chaka is a fintech company that enables Africans to access and invest in global securities.


Chaka was created with the aim of being a barrier-free investment platform connecting Africa to the rest of the world. Alta Labs worked with Chaka in two capacities: firstly, as the developer for their web application, and secondly, in a consulting capacity with our Lead Consultant, Celestine Omin, working with the company as the Interim CTO. In addition to designing their web application, part of our technical work included setting up and guiding the company’s technology choices. We also designed a code platform for them using Terraform and Ansible, and instituted proper software development methodology similar to the Agile methodology.

In creating the web application, the goal was to provide a product that is simple and yet outstanding to users. Our product design took into account the company’s goal to minimize barriers to investment by ensuring that the finished product would be universally accessible so that customers can access Chaka’s services from any device. We also incorporated into the design a three-step on-boarding process for new customers so that it is easy, fast and hassle free to sign up and so more people are encouraged to do so.

The Chaka Web App

Each page of the Chaka web application was deliberately designed and intended to attract as many users as possible. The homepage, for instance, was designed to provide bite-sized information about Chaka services so that users can quickly decide whether or not they are interested learning more about what Chaka is offering and/or registering. To achieve this, the page displays several images of local and global brands which indicate the investment options they will have access to if they choose to sign up. Another important feature on the page is the part where users see that the company is regulated both in Nigeria and USA. This is important because the more secure a potential investor feels, the more likely it is that they would make investments.

Another exciting feature on the Chaka web application is the Pricing/Calculator page which allows users see how much they would be charged for local and international trades. The goal here is to allow both registered and potential users see the offer prices for stocks they might be interested in purchasing. The page has a calculator which users can use to mimic purchasing stock, see sample broker and regulatory fees, etc. This is provided so that potential users know what to expect when they sign up and as a guarantee that there will be no unpleasant surprises in the process.

Users experience the application differently depending on whether or not they are registered. For users who log into the site, they are taken through the onboarding process and then shown how to the app works. Particularly, they are shown how funding wallets and buying stocks work. Subsequently, they receive several prompts that encourage them to search for, buy, view their stocks. On the other hand, the homepage for returning users a summary of their portfolio value which shows their owned stocks, their ordered stocks and their watched stocks so that they are up to date on the state of their portfolio and tracked stocks.

On a more technical note, our team designed the frontend of the web app using Vuejs and Vue-cli to bootstrap the project from scratch. We first created the user interface (UI) templates on Figma and then translated them into components on Vue. Afterwards, we coordinated the integrating API with the frontend. The team used Vue as a framework for a few reasons, including the fact that it uses familiar HTML/CSS syntax in its implementation thus making it easy to use and to collaborate with others. It is also an excellent selection for mobile app development because of it is light-weight; meaning that it is small, fast and quite simple to integrate within existing applications. Vue-cli on the other hand, is a command-line utility for setting up a Vue project and has arguably the best tooling for Vue also allowing for easy integration of third-party libraries.


Working with Chaka was an invigorating process for the Alta Labs team. The result of which is the beautifully designed and highly functional web application which has contributed to Chaka’s success as an internationally renowned stock trading platform.