Company Type: Transport Company


Location: Lagos, Nigeria

About: Dryva is an online transport service that allows car owners to locate available drivers in their region. The service connects car owners to drivers either on a permanent or temporary basis or for out of state trips. It is a convenient way to access a necessary service for many people who need drivers but have difficulties accessing them.


Dryva is a trailblazer among the wave of modern transportation services that use mobile technology to reach customers in Nigeria, and perhaps the world. The company that owns Dryva, Yellow Jaspers Ventures, has set out to make it convenient for both individuals and corporate organizations to find drivers who are well trained and dependable to provide short or long term driving services.

While the Dryva service is innovative and more than likely the first of its kind, it functions in a similar way that many transport services function: it requires both a user and rider application and both applications. Both applications would need to be built so that they work seamlessly and in tandem to connect car owners in need of drivers to the drivers who are registered on the Dryva service.

The Dryva team was specific about certain key elements of the apps including data security—to ensure that the information saved to the apps is secure and not accessible to third-parties. Ease of navigation—such that users can be able to place a driver request in no more than three to four clicks. The team was also specific in their demands about GPS accuracy so that car-owners are certain that the drivers they find are indeed within the distance shown on the app. Other important factors the Alta Team had to consider in creating the apps were ease of sign up; seamless integration payment systems; an efficient interaction between both the user and driver apps; load speed, etc.

Developing the user and driver apps

With a talented technical team at Alta Labs, and one with previous experience in building transportation apps, the Dryva team received the best technical intervention and input for both its user and driver apps. Our design team set to work to create the driver and user apps both of which were based on the specifications provided by the Dryva team.

For the user app—the version of the Dryva app to be used by car-owners who need drivers—the team incorporated several basic functions common with most transport apps including a registration page which requests for a user’s personal and payment information; GPS locator that reads where a user is so that they can be found by the driver, etc. The team also included a function peculiar to the Dryva app that requests specific information about the trip for which a user is requesting a driver. An example is the function that allows users state whether the trip they need a driver for is within-state or out-of-state. Additionally, users can also state the duration of the trip; this functions allows the Dryva back office to know how long a driver’s services will be needed for. The Dryva app provides several options for trip durations including hourly, half day, full day, weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annual. Dryva also offers a unique option for standard, executive, and chauffer drivers all of which had to be reflected in the app the Alta team developed.

The driver app was developed to be compatible with the features on the user app so that whatever information is fed into the user app can easily be shared to the drivers and depending on their availability, they can either accept or decline travel requests.


When the Dryva team reached out to Alta Labs about developing a transportation app, we were thrilled to take on the project because they had set out to fill a gap in the transportation industry while providing a solution to car-owners. The project was a unique challenge and one that the Alta team was excited to take on—not only because we have expertise to deliver on what Dryva needed but because it was an opportunity for the team to create something that had lasting value in the Nigerian tech-sphere.

The outcome of our work with Dryva is two functional apps: one that allow users to request for drivers who have been registered and vetted by the Dryva team for long/short term basis and within-state or out-of-state trips, and another that allows drivers accept or decline the request from Dryva users.

The Dryva apps (user and driver) can be downloaded here and here.