Company Type: Transport Company


Location: Lagos, Nigeria

About: Shuttlers is a ride-sharing service targeted at commuters who desire an alternative to the public transport system. The company provides comfortable and efficient transportation using an internet-based platform to match commuters with buses in their area.


Being an innovative service—one of the first of its kind to target commuters, it was necessary for Shuttlers to have a well-designed, functional, and easy to use app that would serve the needs of its clientele and establish the company as a trailblazer for similar transport services targeted at commuters.

Our work was thus cut out for us.  Our task was to create a transport app which functions a lot like some of the mainstream transportation apps that customers are used to, yet stands out in some of its functionality taking into account the specific market segment Shuttlers aims to provide services for. Our design included a few functions which you would typically not find within transport apps. For instance, the Shuttler’s app includes an electronic wallet which allows commuters to fund their account for a specific number of trips. We also had to include the travel routes used by Shuttlers’ vehicles because, unlike standard transportation services, Shuttlers’ vehicles operate through specific routes so as to access various destinations. In addition to this, the app had to have a function which allows commuters to see exactly where their buses are along the routes they travel.


Alta Labs designed and developed two applications for Shuttlers; one to be used by customers and a second to be used by drivers. Our team designed and developed both apps using Kotlin—a new and less verbose programming language which, due to its succinctness helped speed up the design process. We relied on the efficiency of React—a user interface library, to serve create the user interface for both apps. React was useful for its efficiency in fetching swiftly changing data.

For the data management system, we used MySQL—one of the most popular and reliable database management systems—because we wanted the data stored to be well structured and also wanted to ensure its durability and efficiency. The team built the backend using Restify for its allowance to build web services that are production ready and performant at scale. And for caching—the temporary storage of data so that the can be retrieved faster when needed in the future, our team relied on Redis an open source and stable platform known for its speed and used by popular tech companies such as GitHub, Snapchat, Pinterest, etc.

Our team worked carefully to incorporate the aforementioned solutions into what we now have as the two apps that are available on the Google Play Store.


Shuttlers is not your typical transportation company. This company saw a gap in the Lagos state transport system in form of the need for a more reliable, convenient, and timely transportation option for commuters then set out to fill it. Their solution is a ride-sharing service which connects commuters to buses traveling their route on a daily basis. To be able to pull off this innovative solution, Shuttlers needed two functional apps which allows customers request for buses and drivers accept those requests, locate customers, and bill them, etc. Alta Labs has worked to develop two high-tech web apps which allow Shuttlers to deliver its innovative solution to customers in Lagos State.

The Shuttlers apps can be downloaded here.