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Nigeria’s Tech Space Gets Much Needed Assistance from the Government

Photo by Micheile Henderson on Unsplash

The National Information Technology Development Agency (NITDA), has intervened to salvage the disruption of Nigeria’s tech ecosystem following the compulsory lockdown of Lagos, Abuja and Ogun state. The agency introduced a digital form accessible on their website where tech companies providing essential services can sign up to possibly be identified for exemption. The agency has also established an advisory committee to recommend suitable support solutions for tech companies within the country

Facebook Launches ‘Tuned’; A New App Designed for Couples.

Facebook has launched a new app aimed at couples. The new platform called ‘Tuned’, aims to be an intimate social network shared just by couples, and a space where they can keep and update digital diaries, share their moods and exchange music, voice memos and cards. The social networking giant, which now owns Instagram and ushered in the close friends feature on the image-sharing platform, continues its trend of meeting users' demands to make their digital social spaces more private.

Google Announces Start-ups Chosen for its Accelerator Pilot

Tech giant Google has announced 11 startups chosen to join the company's inaugural accelerator pilot geared towards fulfilling the sustainable development goals set out by the United Nations. The pilot which has been slated to commence virtually - due to the COVID pandemic - includes Nigerian startup mDoc, a healthcare company that aims to democratize healthcare information for the African user by building a geo-coded database of healthcare services, that enable users to be easily and efficiently connected to the medical services they need.

Disney+ Gets Over 50 Million Subscribers

The Walt Disney Company which recently launched its highly anticipated streaming service Disney+ has just announced that the platform has accrued over 50 million subscribers. The service which was launched less than five months has almost doubled its initial subscriber base. The figures include non-paid subscribers who have access to the streaming site through Verizon, a telecommunications company, offering the service to some customers a free year's worth of subscription.